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Our Services

An assessment is done, prior to these courses.  It helps us to plan out your course work, inform you of any changes that we feel you may need to implement and fill in paperwork if you wish to proceed with our help.  This is a one-off payment of £50 and is payable on the day of the assessment and is cash only.

We offer a kind and friendly dog training

All our work in the 1 to 1 course is done in the home environment. to ensure that you dog can reach its full potential and the last lesson, if the trainer agrees, will be done outside.

1 to 1




This is a 6 week course. 

We work with you and your dog, every week, and start from the basics. 

This helps you to bond with your dog, and change any bad habits that you have acquired, before seeking our assistance, and will help you resolve any small issues that you may have






This is designed to help you and your dog with more difficult and ongoing issues.

You must do the 6-week 1 to 1 basic training to help you in this course, as if you have no understanding of the basics, progression will be hard for you and your dog to accomplish.

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